WordPress Last.fm plugin (recent tracks) broken and fixed !

Publié par Anthony Dahanne, le 16/05/2007, dans Intégration

The author of the Last.fm wordpress plugin has updated it to make it work !!!

Well, it was…until I found out what was actually going wrong !
“last.fm recent tracks” WordPress plugin by Tijs Teulingsdoesn’t work anymore due to Last.fm new XML syntax.
In the file lastfm.php which comes with the plugin, and which may be located at the /wp-content/plugins directory (relatively to your wordpress installation directory), you have to change, line 92 :
$findme = '<track>'; by
$findme = '<track';
to make it work !
Yeah it’s as simple as that, the XML output of Last.fm has changed and the tag <track> has now an attribute, and often becomes <track streamable=”true”> (which doesn’t match <track> but always matches <track).

If you’re too lazy (or if you don’t want to open a file editor..) you can download the fixed version of lastfm.php

Working version of the lastfm.php file from “last.fm recent tracks” WordPress plugin compatible with the new Last.fm XML syntax